le 12 octobre, 2012

Things I want in this world as of right now: an endless supply of super plush Kleenex, delicous hot drinks like soy chai tea lattés, oatmeal baths, massages, chicken noodle soup, my bed, and books. As for now, I think my situation will have to do. I shall take my vitamin C, use my Nyquil and Vick’s Vapor Rub, lie under blankets and hope for the best! Vick’s Vapor Rub when applied to your feet under socks at bedtime really helps with colds, so I heard.

Today was actually quite nice, what with getting up at 14:00 after sleeping on and off since 10:30 in the morning. I actually got to use a washer so I put my clothes in and then worked up the courage to get dressed and head off to the pharmacy for those Vitamin C tablets and Vick’s Vapor Rub. I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how much I love pharmacies in Paris. But, I really do. It’s super nice to go in one and get exactly what you need. Plus, they sell those nice French beauty/hair products, hairbrushes, perfumes I wish I could afford. Such a classy establishment and it’s nice that I pretty much will never have to go to a doctor here since I can get all of the help I need in the pharmacy! Even if they don’t speak English and I have to play a little charades/ write things down.

10 euros later, I decided I probably should eat something so I naturally went to my favorite boulangerie where an American family with three or four small children was. They were all so stereotypically American! But I realized at that point how bad it was that they were not using any French at all. Like, it irritated me they were speaking English, so I’m not sure how the man working was feeling but I decided to ask him about how many Americans he sees in a kind of joking way. We talked in French and he said he sees a lot of Americans since the island I live on (Ile-St.-Louis) is super touristy (it’s actually annoyingly touristy when you’re a resident of the island like me). He then asked what nationality I was, which, actually was super nice because he didn’t pick up on the fact I was American! I said “Je suis Americaine” and he said I had a Quebecois accent. Idk, at this point, I’m such a Canada lover that I was super flattered, and at least he didn’t automatically assume I was American when I spoke French. It could be that I’m sick with a cold that he thinks I have a Quebec accent? It was actually really nice to get to speak with him because I wasn’t sure of how nice he was, but he was truly a sweet man. And I’ve seen him a couple of other times in that bakery and never got to have a conversation!

Afterwards, I naturally jaunted over to Amarino for some deeeelicious gelato, flavored lemon and organic pear (limone and pera bio, in Italian I suppose). I mostly went here because 1- it’s delicious, and 2- Berthillon, the super famous ice cream of Ile-St.-Louis, was particularly crowded today. My experience at Amarino was better today, because the server actually spoke to me in French unlike the last time. I believe living here for almost a month and knowing a good amount of French really helps make you more ‘French’ or ‘Parisienne’.  And the lovely way in which they craft the gelato on your cone like a flower is always charming and adds to the experience. Really does. It’s perfect to stroll around the island with some of its frozen treasures, even if you’re just heading home to finish your laundry.

I have really got to spend less money on food here, but hey it’s a problem in the states too. I just like my food. One’s got to have priorities, I think 😉


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