I’m trying to focus this blog.

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Today, it rained a lot.

And I mean, it was ugly. Paris is not ugly, but rain such as today always is. It was dark, damp, and depressing. No matter where you are it’s not fun. That’s just my belief- call it a southern-Californian one if you wish.

Anyways, I’m still quite sick with a cold that is draining all of my energy and ‘joie de vivre’ as the French say. I woke up quite late again, but talked with my favorite Aussie Tom until around 1. I had the idea I wanted to go to Sante Chapelle (3 triangle rating from Rick Steves and it IS gorgeous), but after spending money on so-so Asian on Rue Antoine, and a caffé lattée I conveniently just forgot I spent money on (ha!), I wasn’t quite interested in potentially dropping 10 euro on a ticket to a museum that had a line in the rain. So, I went through the bag check and left the line shortly after that. I even got a cool exit from Palais de Justice with these two policemen in clear boxes.

Feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything in my day, I turned right from Sante Chapelle and headed to the St. Michel area. It’s super touristy, but quite nice. I love the MonoPrix on Bd./Place St. Michel (I’m not sure exactly), so I stopped there for some soup and kleenex, some super cliché, but necessary, sick items. I noticed that on the RDC  (floor zero, or in America, first floor) where all of the fastfood/café, beauty and clothing items are, that they were some make-up ladies. Nothing is more exciting for me than a place like Sephora, but this was in the supermarket/department store MonoPrix, so much more convenient at the time. I noticed there was some sort of a “to-do” about Essie nail polish, an American brand that happens to be my favorite, so of course I was interested. The lady told me in French that if you bought one nail polish that you’d get a free manicure. I bought ‘jamaica me crazy’ for an obscene amount of money (you don’t spend more than $9 on it in the states) and jumped right on the manicure offer. Who can resist?

For those of you interested in beauty things, I was told it’s very expensive to go out and get manicures in Paris, so women are doing their nails at home. Even more, the French changed the formula of Essie nail polish to make it more shiny so that they can get that “salon look”. I found this very interesting, but I’m a bit of a beauty nerd.

I got some French practice in, and learned some specialty jargon, in this case, nail/beauty jargon, and gained some pretty cobalt blue nails in the process!  Très chic.

It’s the Parisienne way to get your things done, and do it beautifully. And so I have learned.

The rain had stopped, nicely enough for the walk home from St. Michel. It’s a pretty short walk, but one is always BOMBARDED with tourists in this Notre Dame/St. Michel area. Something that I’ll have to get used to. GET OUT OF MY WAY I’M FRENCH! will be my mantra 😉


2 thoughts on “I’m trying to focus this blog.

  1. Next time they have free manicures in Monoprix, call me and let me know! I love your colbalt nails…they go well with your new trenchcoat! Tres chic! 🙂

    • Yeah, of course! They have little make-up lessons in there you can sign up for and they’re free. I love that kind of stuff! I can’t wait to get my Bday gift from Sephora- my lips will love me 😉

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