Mini trip to Montmartre

The last time I was in Paris was the summer before my freshman year of college and I went with my family. On the way down from Montmartre one day, we stopped to get dinner at a place Rick Steves recommends in his Paris travel book. It’s a little Italian restaurant named La Rughetta. *edit- it’s 41, Rue Lepic if any of you are interested

How good is it? Well, I vividly remembered the taste of the lasagne al forno I had…three years ago. I remembered that I got a whole pizza as my appetizer (my appetizer!), and the lasagne, and something for dessert that I’m not sure I was able to finish, as well. That sort of establishment is always a winner in my book, as everyone needs a pizza appetizer every once in a while. I knew that my friend Haley (she’s studying abroad in Paris as well) was going to love it when I took her there today! Today was Sunday, so unfortunately we couldn’t do “la formule”- the menu that gives you an appetizer, an entrée as the Americans know it, and a dessert- at a fixed price, but the prices were very reasonable for the pasta dishes that we decided on. And naturally, with Italian food, we ordered a 1/4 carafe of ‘vin rouge’ for le table.

About the wine- I kept saying it was watered down, because it was sort of transparent and not “full-bodied”, but I am absolutely not a wine expert and we ended up finishing the little carafe that never seemed to end. I wasn’t sure for a while there if I was going to be able to drink 2 full glasses of red, but it was very good wine. Now, was it watered down? I really couldn’t tell you! We were joking that it must not have been because we were starting to doubt our ability to climb up the hill to Sacre-Coeur ha ha. 

We finished our lovely meal and we ended it with a just-as-lovely tiramisu! Now, it was a 10 euro tiramisu that we shared- but it did not disappoint! It was less spongy, dense and cake-like than the ones you’ll find in the States, but all of the cream mixed with espresso powder was TO DIE FOR. And it almost felt ‘lighter’, but that I can certainly not vouch for. I’ll keep on believing that, though! 😉

All of the rain today was kind of a huge bummer for this southern Californian, and it would’ve been fun to sit in the sun, but I think those days are over in Paris! I at least got a good meal with a quality friend, my coveted trench coat (finally!), and some Kusmi Tea that I found right off the Metro stop Abesses. It’s truly lovely tea.

I’m glad Haley could spend the day with me 🙂 perfect Sunday.


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