A Truly Terrific Day

Bonjour tout le monde! Today, I hung out with my so-very-French friend with a so-very-American name, who really doesn’t speak more than 2 words of English and we first went to lunch at a ‘restaurant japonais’ because she’s obsessed with sushi and goes there once a week, at least. She’s quite adorable that way. I was willing to try the restaurant, but before I came to Paris I was actually vegetarian and I’m opposed to raw food and fish as well. Introducing meat into my diet again has been a bit difficult, but I knew that it would have been too difficult to forgo meat completely here.

Anyways, after eating a big lunch of sushi (for her) and meat kebobs for me (because hey, it was cooked and came with a salad and a soup), we jaunted to the exposition on Rue Rivoli that we had planned on going to the night before. Unfortunately, we’re under 26 and usually the museums are free for us (I’m not even a EU citizen), but this time it was 8 euros. It was either that or not seeing this awesome exposition so we decided to pay the hefty price. It’s an exposition called ‘Van Cleef & Arpels, The Art of High Jewelry’ in English. I couldn’t take pictures, I’m sorry because I really wanted to. Van Cleef & Arpels is a highly renowned jeweler in Paris that utilizes old-school practices like doing most crafting, cleaning, etc. by hand (I watched a video) and they craft truly amazing and one-of-a-kind pieces. All since I believe the mind 19th c or early 20th c. But I could be wrong on that.

The exposition displayed Van Cleef & Arpels’s pieces from the ‘Roaring Twenties’ all the way until the 1970s. Trop de bijoux ! It was absolutely dazzling, and I was in awe by the magnificent craftmanship and all of the sparkles! I was able to see some pieces Princess Grace Kelly, Lady Elizabeth Taylor, and First Lady Jackie ‘O’ Kennedy all wore at one time which was absolutely intriguing and a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I couldn’t stop saying how beautiful the pieces were- I kind of feel bad for my French friend who hardly talks in museums or the metro (like the typical French lady). I’m just so American sometimes I can’t help it!

After a couple of hours in the museum I was feeling a bit drained and we continued down Rue Rivoli and past ‘Jardin des Tuileries’, which is somewhere I’m absolutely going back to. I had no idea that she had something in mind and was marching with a mission! It turned out that she was searching for “Angelina’s,” an adorable and very classy café known for its hot chocolate, or ‘chocolat chaud’. It was a bit expensive, but I got AMAZING hot chocolate for 7.9 euros which turned out to be 2 big cups. And for the ambiance, that place is worth it. We had lovely conversation and relaxed for a good while, too.

After having enough chocolate for an army, we left to go to Sephora because I wanted to get “something for my birthday”. I’m sad because in the states there is a free gift if you come into any Sephora 2 weeks before/after your birthday, but my Sephora card doesn’t work like that in France. I ended up purchasing some very lovely every day lipstick (in the perfect color) that cost me an arm and a leg though! But I’d prefer to just think that it was all worth itIt does look very nice! And beauty is something to splurge on in my opinion. It must look good though because she couldn’t stop saying she likes it and she’s not always that talkative. I learned the cutest phrase because she told me “tu es toute mimi!” which basically is slang that shouldn’t ever be used in written French like this (ha!) that means “OMG you’re SO cute!” in American English. Love it.

All in all, today was a VERY productive day off, and I feel like I truly am competent at French. I’m very happy right now and I’m glad to have a new friend who’s a built-in tutor. Also, I’m happy that I don’t have a test tomorrow like I thought I did because I’m so hyper. It’s really funny how I never hear any of the homework my French teachers tell us about…they take two seconds to say important things and it’s always at the end of a three hour class so somehow those things escape me!

A bientôt !


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