Freezing October day at Versailles Château/Les Jardins

Yesterday, I went to Versailles with three others from my university. It was the perfect little group. But not so much the perfect day- high of 40, but it felt like 20 with the wind and the chill! I was freeeezing in the gardens, but I got over it because the fountain show (that we had to pay for) was going to be starting. Now, would I pay 6,50 euros to freeze in the gardens of Versaille again? Probably not to be honest. This would’ve been beautiful on a good day.

The Château was free, however, since I’m a longterm resident of France (Paris), so 6,50 euro for the entire day is not bad in my opinion. About the same as what I pay for a movie ticket here (yay for having a longterm Metro pass). I’m glad I went! We brought along a couple of fresh baguettes, and some delicious garlic boursion cheese (not French ha). I brought along sparkling wine I picked up from my wine-tasting in Nitray, which consequently spilled all over poor Jake. But I hadn’t gotten to open it on my birthday so we did a little illegal picnicking in the garden. Which, was worth it and absolutely delicious! I even went through security with a huge bottle of wine…I think France doesn’t care about wine in public even though it’s technically illegal (no one knows that, but it is). 

I will be visiting again soon with my family when they come. Bruges on Tuesday with my friend Haley! 


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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