Yes, This was a Week Ago

le 21, octobre 2012:

[D’abord- No photos! I’ve been taking pics of dimensions 3000X4000 and they’re not uploading…SORRY! I know now though and won’t disappoint ever again. I’m also working on a day in which I blog every week.]

Cou cou! Typing with wet nails…a la ‘Jamaican me Crazy’ by essie. This past weekend was my (big 2-0) birthday! It was a very iiiiinteresting weekend that started out with a glass of white and shots from the servers aka friends at one of the cafés I receive meal tickets to. Needless to say I was having a good time soon after! Ha. Awkward. Anyways…I then went dancing at some point in the future at a club and remember that the American music being played was really fun to dance to. : ) After that, we went on a walk that lasted until around 3 a.m. and saw some places where Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre hung out/lived. Pretty cool. I remember that part a little more!

Saturday was a hungover day not gonna lie. Hard alcohol + wine wears you out like no other!! I Skyped my love after you know, getting presentable, which was very nice (always is).

Sunday, my birthday, I was finally feeling a bit more lively so I decided to accompany my English friend Lucy and her Spanish friend Nerea- both absolute sweethearts and a joy to be around- on a walk throughout the city (well, a bit of the city). We walked to the Pantheon and saw some of the area around that as well. Very cool! It was a Sunday so there was a bit of a market going on and we were surprised to see so many people dining and profiting from the beautiful day. In this area, there are all types of cuisine- Afghanistan, Spanish, Mexican, Lebanese, etc. But what delighted me were the “frites” I saw in the cones perfectly adorned with the little fork on the top, and the American Diner named Delma’s! So absolutely charming. I was starving as usual so I wanted to find something quick to eat. I got a take-out bowl of bolognese noodles and a water bottle for 5,50 euros (STUDENT PRICE!) at a place that I forgot the name of (sorry!). It was delicious! It wasn’t very fast, so I wouldn’t really call it “fast food” (ha) but it was worth the wait and the cost, of course, too.

After a quick lunch, we headed down from the Pantheon and to the Luxembourg Gardens (Jardins du Luxembourg). I LOVE this garden. It’s absolutely gorgeous! It was a nice day so we walked through, stopping for necessary pictures of the beauty that was all around us. After that we did an obligatory tour of my uni, and saw some cool things on the way home which you can see in the pictures 🙂 I thought I good a good, random assortment of things photographed and I hope you all enjoy the pictures! P.S. Free hugs in Paris? Don’t they know Parisians “faire les bisous” and hug for reasons that include sadness, sympathy, etc.? ha weird sight in front of Notre-Dame Sunday!

I took pictures of what I ate that day besides the pasta. These include Amorino Gelato on St.-Louis-Sur-L’Ile, and a meal on the same island at a lovely (and good value) café called Cafe Med. Go there if you’re ever on Ile St. Louis. You will not regret it! Big portions and a delicious meal for a good price, too.

All in all, it was a good weekend and I profited from the nice weather that’s been happening in Paris, somewhat bizzarely. I am now 2 decades old too! Less than a year till my 21st! Hope you all enjoy,

XX Meg


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