My day off- a cappucino and relaxation

Bonjour! Today is my day off from school. I have two a week. Sounds lazy, but my three days of class a week are eeeexhausting to say the least. I take all of my courses in French, and I have three hours of class (one class) on Monday, and six hours of two classes on Tuesday and Thursday! No amount of caffeine can honestly prepare me for sitting in classes for three hours a pop. And I mean no amount! My classes are more challenging than ever now as I have to translate in my head from French (from native speakers) into English, my native language. History is hard enough to follow as it is, and when dates like 1939 are spewed from the professor I really have to pay attention because she doesn’t write dates on the board and long/long-ish numbers like that are notoriously hard to follow in French! I’m getting better though, and it’s only my 2nd month here.

I woke up around 10:45 a.m. this morning because last night I was dinking around on my laptop (since I bought that elusive internet) and hanging out with a friend- also I didn’t set an alarm. I love to sleep. I could talk about it for days. Naturally though, I got a little bit too much sleep, and I was feeling a little groggy this morning. And bored, since I don’t really have homework for tomorrow’s classes. Except for non-homework, but obligatory things, like preparing for my French visa medical exam, researching, and studying (ugh). I was itching for a good cup of coffee, so I did a little bit of research on google, and came across David Lebovitz’s article “La Caféothèque de Paris”. This is a cute, not-so-little, but just SO home-y, café that is actually more close to where I live in Paris than I thought. I decided to give it a try after slowly getting ready.

It was delicious! I got the cappucino for four euros, which was so full-flavored (I’m no coffee expert, sorry) and decorated with a leaf of milk. Like, I don’t know how to describe it without you tasting it, but it had a very rich flavor that was a bit enigmatic but pleasurable to drink all the same. The cup came with a little shot glass of water and a little spoon on a tray, with a packet of chocolate covered somethings. What’s great about this café is that there are a few different rooms, lots of seating, and a homey, American coffee shop atmosphere. If you so desire, you may buy your own coffee from their carefully-selected beans. They truly know how to brew a good cup. I know I’m coming back soon and will be trying the “café du jour” when I do.

P.S. I spent an obscene amount of money on an umbrella that I’ve been coveting from BHV for days, one with little, white polka dots on a black background, surrounded by frills of the opposite color but same pattern. It’s loud, and a bit big, but oh-so-feminine French.

Until then, I’ll be consulting David Lebovitz’s blog and soaking up the “sweet life” in Paris. XOXO


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