I just planned a trip a day in advance…to the Eternal City!

Yes. I did. My friend Haley here learned she actually could ask her dad for money sometimes, and I groggingly (I mean to say in a groggy way, guys) answered her call as I was watching Gossip Girl in bed (the usual after six hours of class) and we decided to go to Rome. We planned this in less than 2 hours. A little ridiculous you might say. Oh and by the way, my ticket’s like 400 USD, round-trip, but YOLO even though that’s carpe diem for stupid people, says Jack Black.

But really, I am in Paris, France right now and I will be eating an American breakfast tomorrow here (Botomless cups ‘o joe? Perfect) and then flying to Rome, and well, eating some more there. I had a successful week at school, and don’t have much homework so what could be more perfect? I also got the green light from my mother who’s seemingly more thrilled than I am about my spontaneous jaunt to Rome that’s costing way too much money, to use my credit card, and I couldn’t be happier. AND this hotel has a bathtub. I feel like going to Lush tomorrow and buying bath bombs to kick off our second trip together (that hopefully will go more smoothly).

Also, as a side note- I need to blog more and I’m sorry, you guys 😦 I will update you on my life with stories and pictures from ROME, ITALY! I can’t believe this worked out. We are warrior queens. Arrivederci, prego, grazie (literally don’t know what I’m saying)! Can’t wait for the pizza : )


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