Mont St. Michel le 11 novembre


Boy, this is really LATE. I’m so sorry!

Anyways, I thought I would share a bit about my experience of going to Mont St. Michel for the day, with a tour company called Club Alliance. Club Alliance has an office out of Paris, and it basically specializes in weekend trips/ day trips for French people. The majority of people who go on these trips are retired and French.

My American university group and I do not fit in this category, however. We’ve used this group for a winery trip to Chateau Nitray, and to Oktoberfest, and my oh my, were we the minority! They called us “Les Petits Americains” on my first trip with this tour company and I actually really liked it, and it wasn’t condescending to me.

Paris is about 5 hours from the Normandy region where Mont St. Michel is situated. Now, this was a day trip and so we only had about 3 hours on the “Mont” before having to leave to go home! I didn’t like this part. It’s not that you can’t see everything there is on Mt. St. Michel in a few hours because you totally can, it’s just that two 5 hour bus trips in one day is really exhausting. And I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you weren’t, like, totally in a bus for ten hours! haha.

This whole thing they call Mont St. Michel is absolutely magical and terrific. It’s neither a peninsula, nor an island. And the tides are constantly changing. It’s like nothing you have ever seen or will ever see again. My favorite parts include the abbey (serenity and oh-WOW views) and the fact that we had no rain that day, and lots of sun. I think I even got sunburned, but that’s coming from someone who’s extremely fair-skinned! ha!

I visited once when I was around 5 years old, and I still keep that memory with me, so it’s nice that I got to go back and “re-live” it! I brought back the ‘La Mere Poulard’ butter cookies/biscuits- some salted caramels, originals, etc. And of course, a 4 euro bottle of cider, which is also Normandy’s culinary speciality. I have yet to finish my tins of cookies (if these were chocolate cookies, it would’ve been gone in one day, tops), but I am also supposed to send some to my parents and I still need an occasion for the cider 🙂

I hope you enjoy my photos, and that you are able to go here someday! It’s truly worth a visit if you have the ability to go. I’m lucky to have all of the opportunities I do.




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